About Us


Hi there !

Having a business can be challenging. Whether you’re in the starting process or in the growing process. Very early in my career I understood that focusing on what you are good at and delegating what others are good at, can bring more productivity and success. With this principal, I wanted to create a place where I can help businesses and ministries. Each Business is unique they are good at what they offer and we are good at what we do!

ASYEGO  is a one stop for business or ministries that have a desire to expand. Our hard work ethic, dedication, tools, and knowledge are used to bring your vision to a reality.  We are good at making connections, we are good in strategy, we are good for you.


What are we doing for our clients:
Website Design

ASYEGO  provides eye-catching designs that make the value of your business and product. We provide interactive and responsive designs. If you are looking for a remarkable website, we work with your inspirations, your vision, your services, and products. Did I mention we do not take a month to deliver a website ? Yeah, we don’t. We are pretty FAST!


E-Commerce and Shopping Cart Services

Want or have a store already ? Lets put it on the Web. We have great platforms to expose your products. We use the best platforms for online stores giving your clients a safe transaction.


Social Media Management

We manage all Social Media Accounts for Business and Ministries. From Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more, we create cost-effective campaigns and a management platform that will bring expansion to your brand, business or ministry. We provide reports with demographics making each post, tweet and blog reach a targeted audience.


Newsletter Content Creators & Management

Need to create content for your newsletter? Whether you need a monthly or weekly newsletter. We help you set it up using our newsletter platforms. Giving you the ability to create and maintain a subscriber list. Do you need someone to write the emails for you ? We have content creators and editors as part of our team.

Social Media Training

Want us to teach someone at your office or ministry to properly manage all your social media platforms ? Call us, We offer online training and we will give you all the tools, resources, calendar. Everything we do to make our clients happy we will teach you !


Marketing Consulting

Internet marketing is one of the most effective ways to bring a business to higher  levels of success. As Internet marketing consultants,  We bring  our clients grow from small ventures to large  enterprises. We Provide fully actionable  marketing  consulting services . Whatever your consulting or analysis needs are, our Internet Marketing will exceed  your expectations.


Digital Magazines

Do you have great content for a magazine platform ? Let us help.We offer Design and hosting for Digital Magazines. we work with different platforms to provide your readers a great digital experience as well as insights to promote your magazine in a more effective way.


Podcast Developers

Podcasts is one of the new and easy ways that ministries and business are exposing their voice. We can link your Podcast to your website and create Podcast channels using platforms for iPhones and  Androids. Your listeners get notifications every time you post a new podcast.



We can do a lot together and we have no limits. The important thing is to get started!



Lorena Valencia CEO and Marketing Strategist !